Kalyani Springs is one of the leading and prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Compression Springs in Delhi. The company successful produces more than 300 million springs annually as the customers’ requirements and satisfaction. The company uses latest CNC controlled coiling machines which ensures the quality of the products as per extreme. Kalyani Springs is best known for manufacturing of springs and wire forms which also deals with the supply of wide range of CNC and mechanical spring coiling machinery to the valuable customers. It includes spring coiling machines so as to achieve precise dimensions, great strength, and durability.

The CNC coiling machines which we use for the production purposes also includes two finger system which means that you can now get ideal fully automatic left handed and right handed coiled compression springs along with cylindrical, single or double conical spring bodies according to the customers’ requirements. One additional thing about the Kalyani Springs is the accurate accuracy and optimum speed it offers to the customers.


Crest-to-Crest Wave Spring advantages

  • Spring height reduces to 50%
  • Force and deflection as per coil springs
  • Reduced material cost with the help of smaller spring cavity
  • Fit to be used in tight radial and axis spaces
  • whether your application needs a standard or custom solution, Smalley will provide you with the right spring, in the right material for your application. Our engineers are available for complimentary design consultations.


Standard Solutions

  • Variety of about 4,000 standard springs
  • A wide range of diameters available from .188” to 16” and from 5mm to 400 mm
  • Set standards for spring manufacturing from carbon and stainless steel

Custom Solutions

  • It does not include any tooling charges
  • Diameter ranges from .157” to 120” and from 4mm to 3000 mm diameters
  • Customized springs made up from exotic alloys are also available

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